About Fatimah Bliss


Fatimah Bliss is a company located at Kuje, opposite area council by Polaris Bank Secretariat road   Kuje Abuja. We provide a wide range of beauty services and products which includes but not limited to quality hair, nail, skin services, along with top lines of  Natural beauty products. Our distinctiveness is in the area of commitment to quality service delivery in a more comfortable way. We are also excellent providers in areas of training in which we have been roaring in success.


We are renowned for producing and delivering quality natural skin care products to become the number one destination for beauty and skin products in Africa.

Your journey begins in a peaceful and relaxing environment you will immerse your body, mind and spirit in all aspects of health and wellness. While you relax in a luxurious robe and comfortable sandals, you may enjoy a beverage while indulging in your choice of over 70 rejuvenating spa treatments.

  • Professionalism
  • Affordability
  • Natural
  • Empowerment

Goals & Objectives:

  • To be a one stop shop for beauty solutions
  • To be used by one in every ten houses in Nigeria
  • To continually produce products that meet consumer needs at any point in time through innovation
  • To help reduce poverty rate in Nigeria through empowerment programs